There are several major websites offering “outsourcing” opportunities, or hiring someone to do some work for you.  Elance is a popular site.  Outsource is a new and up and coming site.

The typical job posting is for work to be done with payment being made on a flat fee basis or per hour.

Many of the jobs posted qualify as employment related work, such as a recent posting I saw for basically secretarial and assistant work in the United States for $4 to $7 an hour.

The problem …

This violates US minimum wage laws, and probably a slew of state wage laws.

If you are going to hire freelance workers make sure it is a real independent contractor position.  Outsourcing websites are not a place to hire cheap employees in circumvention of wage laws.

You could end up on the wrong end of an expensive lawsuit by the employee, and owing significant fines and penalties from government authorities, if you hire someone to perform employee functions online.




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