I was just reading an amusing article on Yahoo sports about a college football player saying he wanted his nickname to be known as Kenny Trill.  A day later his parents applied for a US trademark of the name, only to find out the prior day someone else had applied for the name.

Yahoo showed a graphic of the application where some trademark troll had tried to beat the family to their name, but blacked out identifying information.

Fifteen seconds later, after doing an online search at the US Trademark Office’s website, this is what Yahoo blacked out:

Rose, Andrew S INDIVIDUAL UNITED STATES 1108 Kathleen Ave. Metairie LOUISIANA 70003

In other words, it is rather pointless to spend the energy blacking out information from a document when the document is a public record and accessible via the Internet with a couple of clicks.

Apparently, Yahoo did not realize the document is a public record.  Or, maybe Yahoo was trying to make it appear that it had discovered a secret document with information it could not reveal to its readers.

As for Andrew Rose, good luck with that trademark application.  Most likely result is a wasted $325.




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