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Brian Kindsvater
Brian Kindsvater, Esq. has received the highest ethical rating possible from judges and other attorneys.

From: Brian Kindsvater

Dear Friend:

Litigation is ugly. It's war. Let me be upfront with you -- if you're ever involved in a lawsuit you will not win because you cannot win.

It's expensive. It's unbelievably nerve wracking. It's a huge time suck. And if you're up against the government, they have all the resources in the world.

I found the following quote from Frank Kern and thought it was very appropriate:
"OK, so what’s it like to get sued by the FTC? Well, first off, IT BLOWS. …As if that needed saying, right? .... I’m pretty sure I could have just called them and said 'I want to settle immediately.' And they’d have been like, 'OK. Give us all your money.'

But my damn lawyers in Atlanta wanted to get their cut so we did a bunch of useless paperwork stuff (to the tune of $100K in legal bills) and then I gave the FTC all my money."

- Frank Kern.
You may have seen this on the Warrior Forum:
"I was forced to stipulate away my 12 year old company and turn it over to receivers for the FTC. I started the company in 1995 with $5,000 and built it into a $6 million a year business within five years. ....

Fallacy #2: The FTC will send you a warning to stop before they act. Well, here is the way it went down for me and every other business I know of that has gone through this. On October 1, 2007 it was business as usual. I was served on October 2. We were done on October 11. There was no warning.

Fallacy #3: If you are sued and you are honest the truth will come out in court. Well, there is no court. It is my nature to fight and that was my intent. The three claims they made were bogus. We were able to nullify any customer complaint because we taped every customer we signed up to make sure they understood the program.

I contacted a Madison Ave. FTC law firm that specialized in these things and hired them at $750/hr. When I mentioned fighting, they said sure, that will be a $1 million retainer. I was forced to plan my surrender."

- Bob Lovinger.
Do I have your attention yet? If not, no hard feelings as this may not be for you.

It's your life, finances, and reputation with family and friends. Good luck thinking bankruptcy court is an option. The government is smart enough to make sure certain losses will haunt you every day for the rest of your life.

Maybe you don't think you can afford protection. Here's the deal:

After the crap hits the fan you're probably right.

Today, I promise this is something you can afford and cannot live without.

FTC Survival Guide

The FTC has revised its guidelines for using testimonials. The FTC is specifically targeting Internet advertising.

Testimonials like:
"I consult the FTC Survival Guide before making my entries in the Captain's blog." - James T. Kirk

"After reading this guide to the FTC testimonial law my companies generated an extra $500 billion in revenue overnight." - Midas

"This report is guaranteed to cure cancer." - M. Curie

Whoa, you may be saying, what are these bogus testimonials? All legal I say and not a problem with the FTC. You'll learn why once you become a member.

You'll also get immediate access to this critical information:

Why certain 'gurus' are all wet claiming results-based testimonials are now prohibited. Bull crap. You'll learn how you can use results testimonials - and I'll quote the FTC about how to comply.

How 'unusual' testimonials can be used. There are chicken-littles all over the place claiming only 'average' results can be used in a testimonial. Again, total crap, and again I'll quote the FTC to you about how to use exceptional results in testimonials.

Who an 'endorser' is, what it means to be an endorser, and how to comply with the disclosure requirements applicable to endorsers.

Why the FTC is just like Google. If you already understand Google's concerns about the sanctity of its search listings then what I have to say about the FTC will make perfect sense to you.

Merchant responsibility for the advertising statements of its affiliates. Are you really going to get sued because some unknown ClickBank affiliate misrepresents your product? You'll be shocked at what the FTC has to say (hint: if the FTC is correct ClickBank will be buried under a mountain of lawsuits - but they won't). I'll get your head on straight and give you examples of what to be concerned about - and what not to be concerned about.

The critical steps you must take as a merchant to avoid liability for rogue affiliates.

What To Do If ...

A mini-companion to the FTC Survival Guide, What To Do If ... includes practical tips and advice on what to do if you get wind of a government investivation against your business.

What you read may literally save your hide and keep you from converting an already terrible situation into a prison cell.

Read it.

Webmaster's Legal Guide

This exclusive guide currently sells elsewhere for $147 - just by itself.

Internet Marketing Law issues can make or break your business. Not getting basic terms right in contracts can be extremely costly.

I had one case where a business thought it had prepared a contract requiring the application of Missouri law and for Missouri courts to decide any disputes. But they failed to follow the guidelines I am about to lay out for you. Simple rules actually.

This mistake cost the company approximately $500,000. They ended up litigating issues in California, hiring several California attorneys, and then losing in California to my clients. In the legal area at issue California law was the opposite of Missouri law, to this company's great misfortune.

In another case a company from Washington made the same mistake. It thought it could shut down my client's Internet business based on a contract it made. Too bad for them a California court ruled California and not Washington was the proper place for litigation. A court in Washington then dismissed claims in Washington against my client. Ultimately, another disastrous and expensive situation that could have easily been avoided.

Don't be one of the many foolish webmasters, with their life savings at risk, that pays little or no attention to legal terms. They spend hours preparing a product, a website, and a marketing plan. Then, they try to spend as little time and money as possible evaluating their business from a legal perspective and preparing legal terms for their website. What a waste.

You will get in this easy to read, easy to use legal guidebook:

How to Win Lawsuits BEFORE They are Filed - I'll show you how to get legal disputes you file, or which are filed against you, in the courthouse that is convenient to you. Do this wrong, or miss a step, and you'll likely end up in a lawsuit a thousand miles away.

The fact is, if you file claims close to your house and the other guy is a thousand miles away, he'll probably default and you will automatically win. If you let lawsuits be filed a thousand miles away, it may be too costly for you to defend yourself or to protect your rights.

How to Decide Whether to Use Arbitration - Lawsuits or arbitration? What is the difference? Is there a difference? Which is cheaper? More importantly, You'll learn how to decide which option is going to give you the advantage.

How to Keep Frauds From Claiming You Promised the Moon - Unfortunately, liars and cheats abound. Even on the Warrior Forum. These people will say and do anything to get ten bucks. Imagine what they will say in a legal dispute with you! Stop them cold. Eliminate false claims about what 'you said or didn't say' and stick to what you can verify in writing.

Protect Your Pocketbook - To Err is Human. Face it. You'll make mistakes. One day you may get a claim as a result. It happens. Get the terms that can limit your financial exposure.

Stop Attorneys From Running Wild - You'll read one little sentence that could cause your mortal enemy's attorney to run wild, running up more fees and costs, and a waste of your time, than you could ever imagine. Is it in the terms you copied for your website? You'll find out.

Privacy is Huge - You may be shocked at what type of privacy policy the law requires. In fact, you may not believe what I have to say about some trusted privacy companies. This may give you a different perspective when you see that someone has a privacy policy - you may actually read it.

Here are some of the unsolicited comments I've received about the Webmaster's Legal Guide:
" WOW! That is without a doubt the best [money] I’ve spent on this forum Brian – thank you!

Anyone who doesn’t stop what they’re doing, buy this guide and immediately sit down and review their website’s legal agreements, deserve to be sued for every penny!"

- Michalis 'Big Mike' Kotzakolios

" Excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent and excellent... Can I say excellent one more time?

I couldn't agree more with BigMike. If you are selling information products and you don't buy this report, you are extremely .. how to put it in the most polite possible way ... stupid. This report offers information that's CRUCIAL to your business. It's also written in a way that it's very easy to apply.

Why I'm making this sales pitch? Because guys like Kindsvater deserve every support they can get.

Go ahead, stop what you were doing and buy this report right now."

- Michael Foreman

" I've been going through your guide, and I've learned some things that I didn't know, so it was certainly worth it."

- David 'The Tool Wiz' Schwartz

" Brian, I think your website guide will be very helpful, thanks."

- John Williams

" Dude, this is awesome. I can't believe you're letting this go so cheap. Thanks, thanks, THANKS."

- L.J.

"I must say that your membership was one of the best online invest I made."

- Steve Smith

You'll Also Receive Over a Dozen
Must Have Legal Forms

You could spend several thousand dollars buying legal forms for your online business. I've seen people like you pay thousands of dollars for a couple forms.

They got ripped.

Look, you could hire an attorney to create these legal forms for you. Or you can just grab them now.

Unlimited licenses - use on ALL of your websites.

Check these out:

Terms and Conditions (html)
General terms and conditions for access and use of a website.

Privacy Policy (html)
General privacy policy. Remember to add anything unusual about your data collection practices. Having a privacy policy does not mean the policy is that information is kept confidential. Many companies have privacy policies stating information is sold or otherwise not confidential. You should generically describe what is done with user data.

Additional Privacy Term for Adsense Sites (html)
A contractual condition for the Google Adsense program is that your website must have a privacy policy and make a privacy disclosure about Google's ads and cookies. Since Google requires a policy, but refuses to provide approved policy language, this additional privacy term has been created which parallels Google's language and should suffice for Google's purposes.

Earnings Disclaimer (html)
If you use earnings, profits or revenue statements based on use of a product or service, this disclaimer will help comply with FTC disclosure requirements and liability issues pertaining to what is being promised. While this disclaimer should be used, to comply with full disclosure laws appropriate disclaimers and conditions should ALSO be clearly and conspicuously placed near the earnings, profits, or revenue statements. It is not sufficient to bury a disclaimer like this in a terms and conditions page.

Copyright Notice (html)
Use this notice, and take the actions listed in it, to protect yourself from others putting copyrighted material on your website. For example, if Andy claims the Warrior Forum is violating his copyright due to a document Bill posted to the forum, Andy would need to supply the requested information before the Warrior Forum would remove the document and take any action against Bill's account.

Resell Rights (html)
Explanatory information about the differences between Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, and PLR content.

Hosting Agreement (html)
If you are a hosting reseller or other allow others to keep publicly accessible content on your domain or hosting account, you should incorporate additional hosting terms delimiting what is permissible and what is prohibited, as well as your rights to conclude the hosting arrangement.

Classified Ads Terms (html)
If you have a classified ads section on your website, or allow others to sell products on your website or forum, use these additional terms to protect yourself.

Contract for Creating Website Content (rtf)
Agreement for contractor to create website content includes numerous important provisions useful in many contexts:Assignment of CopyrightConfidentiality AgreementHealth Issues Disclaimer LanguageDietary Supplements Disclaimer Language

Affiliate Policy (html)
Basic terms to use if you operate an affiliate program. Evaluate your own program and change the terms accordingly.

General Acceptable Internet Use Policy (rtf)
Restrict what employees can do on your time with your computers.

Specific Acceptable Internet Use Policy (rtf)
Specified restrictions on what employees can do on your time with your computers.

Licensing Agreement (rtf)
Licensing agreement that allows one company to distribute, and rebrand as their own, product originally created by another company.

JV Confidentiality Agreement (rtf)
Confidentiality agreement between two entities coming together to share knowledge for the creation or promotion of a new venture.

Confidentiality Agreement with Non-Compete Terms (rtf)
General confidentiality agreement for independent contractors that also includes non-compete terms.

California Specific Documents and Forms:

Confidentiality Agreement (rtf)
Confidentiality agreement for independent contractors applying California law. Most non-compete agreements are illegal in California.

Settlement Agreement (rtf)
General settlement agreement using California law to ensure that all potential claims between parties are permanently resolved.

Who is Brian Kindsvater?

Brian Kindsvater is a long-time California attorney with extensive Internet experience. To give you some perspective, my AOL account dates back to 1994.

During the past 20 years I have personally been involved with virtually every legal issue affecting Internet marketers, including:
* Trademark Infringement
* Unfair Competition
* Passing Off
* Mousetrapping
* Obscenity
* Fraud
* Child Pornography
* Typosquatting
* Copyright Infringement
* Publicity Rights
* Invasion of Privacy
* Web Cams
* Breach of Contract
* Cookie Stuffing
* Copyright Assignment
* Domain Name Disputes
* Website Disclosures
* Unauthorized Computer Access
* PLR Legalities
* Trade Secrets
* Noncompete Contracts
* Affiliate Marketing Agreements
* UDRP Disputes

I'm not aware of anyone else with this experience.

How Much is All This Worth?

When you consider I charge upwards of $5000 for a single day, the legal research and time needed to create all of these guides and forms is easily worth $35,000.

But forget the time to create this information -- these guides, tips, advice and forms are the product of almost two decades of actual trial and litigation experience so they're worth a lot more than $35,000. Heck, I spend hundreds of hours each year keeping up to date on these issues so that concise information can be provided just for you.

You can have it all for $147.

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I'm so sure you'll be thrilled with your membership that I'm offering you the following 30-Day 100% Money Back GUARANTEE: If after going through this information, including the FTC Survival Guide, Webmaster's Legal Guide, What To Do If ..., over a dozen legal forms plus much more, if you don't feel like you've been handed an awesome deal, then simply contact me for a full no-questions-asked, no-hassles, refund. It's as simple as that. Is that fair or what?
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